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Welcome to KPIAS: Top IAS and Civil Service institute in AP and Telangana    |    Youtube Channel
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Degree with IAS

Do You Want to Prepare for IAS Along with Your Graduation/Degree?

It’s utmost the essential part of one’s career to opt for the right choice for a positive result to expect when the ambition (or) goal of the student is to crack IAS in the very first attempt itself it should be planned approach and well mitigated. This will be fruitful when the student starts planning from degree standard (or) when before entering into the degree itself.

In AP so many institutions are offering IAS coaching along with Degree studies. A dedicated critical studying of degree subjects with IAS (Civils) exams orientation is the need of the day. Thus the very first step to getting civils is to have Degree + IAS coaching.

Best IAS Academy in AP & TS:

Its proved to announce that AP is the only state in India which is an ideal place to the aspirants from amongst all the part of the country (even from Delhi) are preferring HYD for their coaching in civils. With this context, we at Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century Hyderabad and Rajahmundry campus are very proud to declare that we produced nearly 3000 IAS/IPS/IRS and Group 1 service officers who are serving different parts of the country and are very proud to tell that they are Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Centurions.

Here it's not self boosting but we recommend the candidates to come and visit the campus personally experience the environment to choose the best among the available choices. It's not only the enthusiasm of the candidate but also the premises & campus which contributes a lot in reaching the goals.

Choose a career after Inter:

Present-day parent is demanding the solution of career at an early step of education itself. Hence the parent decides to choose the career of the student, before that it is strongly recommended to the parents that, they have to know their child. The wards ambitions, interests, enthusiasm and then only the parents should start designing his/her career pathway. So, we can tell the parents that decide the 10th standard itself whether to select Arts Group for further progression (or) not.

In case if the students clear the science/maths subjects in Intermediate but couldn’t get EAMCET and is otherwise ambitious to go with Arts degree then he/she can choose Arts with a final aim at civils.


  • The Goal is clear which paves path without ant obstacles.
  • There will be no confusion, whether what to and how to approach the goal.
  • The mind will be set to design for the desired position.
  • When a group of students with the same target is preparing at the same place there will be a healthy competitive spirit.
  • Time will be best utilized with clarity of thought will have the best teaching plan of approach to groom to student's minds.

Then comes the questions How!!.. How to choose the right inter plus IAS coaching. Here are the Tips.

When a student along with their parents chooses IAS/IPS/IRS as their final aim then it should be a meticulous plan, clearly mapped, neatly packed and should be mind friendly until the achievement of the goal.

It’s not necessary to remind the parents that the strength of any structure/building, only depends upon the strength of the foundation laid inside the ground. It’s the foundation which is unseen but its strength been executed in the beauty of the building that rises its head into the sky. Thus keeping in mind this natural phenomenon just chooses the right inter plus IAS coaching without taking a chance. Let’s lay foundation strongly which holds the student firmly while he is on his way to continuous victories.

The selection should be in such a way that:

  • The institution must be well equipped.
  • It should be nature-friendly rather than with artificial facilities.
  • Faculty should be dedicated in addition to their experience.
  • There should be a competitive spirit among the participants.
  • The most important thing is it should not be the academic aiming only but should be the institute which focuses the overall personality development of the student to present him/herself as a good responsible citizen in the future.
  • Ofcourse last but not least the food should be good.

Why do you study here!!

  • Simple
  • All the above-discussed issues, we fulfill at our institutions. We can proudly announce that the Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century IAS Academy is continuously striving to provide the best services to the students:
  • Through academic interactive sessions.
  • Discovering and hiring the best available faculties.
  • Providing good, nutritious food, involving all the inmates participates in the games and sports of their choice.
  • Providing a very nature-friendly environment both at the hostel as well as college campuses.

To be a perfect men/women it’s not only the academics or ranks but one should stay fit always as said by Vivekananda, the world needs youth with nerves of steel, muscles of iron and minds like thunderbolt, we at Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century IAS Academy could identify the need of other physical fitness programs (which ultimately help to sharpen the mind) and providing them to the students as a part of their daily routine.

Never the less it’s the most important juncture here to discuss the safety and security of female students. In now a days scenario, it’s a must for the female child to know about her surroundings. And as a result, naturally, she must go with self-defense techniques to save herself as well as her co-students as and when necessary. As such, we at Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century IAS could keep in mind that it is inevitable for the female students to be a master in self-defense, we are providing a good chance to learn self-defense in our campus.

And it’s the food, rather nutritionally balanced food which keeps up the mind and body fit and ready for the race always. Hence we are providing food that guarantees your ward’s overall health fulfilling all the nutritional values and of-course at the same time satisfying the taste buds just to 100% (we are not responsible if the student refuses to go home even in the holidays..)

These are just some of the key reasons as to why you should choose Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century IAS academy.

Most prestigious career opportunities:

  • It is our privilege to present before parents our achievements from 2004 to till date.
  • 2000+ placements in Civils, Group I & Group II, they are serving the state, Central and All India services in different positions.
  • The basic aim of Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century Academy is to produce civil servants at an early age of 22 itself i.e. immediately after degree, so that they will have a service of more than 38 years in Government.

Key Features of Course:

  • Making students write themselves the running notes and keep them motivated through their writing only.
  • Helping them improve their writing skills and we organize handwriting improving sessions as a part of our curriculum.
  • Motivation and personality development classes with renouned personalities in that field.
  • Regular interactive sessions with the Retired/In-service and recently selected IAS/IPS/IRS officers with the students who will not only encourage and motivate but also clear the doubts of the students.
  • Conducting regular tests to enlighten the student's abilities and make them know their position in order to improve themselves from time to time.
  • Keeping the competitive spirit among the students both in academics as well as sports and games.
  • Encouraging them by recognizing with gifts and remunerations to keep up the spirit in the winners encouraging the others.
  • Exposure visits at timely intervals to facilitate the students enlighten him/her above the external world.

Track record of Coaching:

Conducted interactive sessions with:
  • Sri. Mohan Kanda,  Retired IAS (Retired as Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh in 2005)
  • Sri. Padmanabha Rao, Retired IIS
  • Sri. Jayaprakash Narayan, Retired IAS (Founder and the President of Lok Satta Party)
  • Sri. Ravikanth, IRS
  • Sri. Vivek, IOFS
  • Sri. Raghavendra, IPS
  • Kum. Shilpa, IRS
  • Sri. Gopalakrishna, IAS
  • Sri. Dr. Sanyasi Rao, DSP
  • Sri. Varma IPS
  • Sri. Nageswara Rao, Retired IAS
  • Sri. Bharat, IRS
  • Sri. Chandra Mouli, Municipal
  • Sri. Ramanachari, IAS (Advisor to Telangana Govt)
  • Dheeraj Kumar, IPS (Additional CP, Supreme Court Security, Delhi Police)
  • Gopinath Reddy, Retired IPS (DGP Advisor to Telangana Govt)
  • Rajiv Sharma, Group Captain (UN)
  • A. K. Khan, Retired IRS (Retired as Director General of ACB in the newly formed Telangana State)
  • Karam Kishore, IRTS
  • C. Rupesh, IPS
  • Mahesh Bhagat, IPS (Commissioner Hyderabad)

Conducted motivational session by:

  • Sri. Anand.
  • Sri. G. Nageswara Rao.
  • A. Raghavendra Rao.
  • Mallikarjun

Conducted mock interview sessions with the best available panel of retired IAS officers to enlighten the aspirants.

Conducted sports day competition.

Conducted Independence day/Republic day functions involving student's participation at a greater level.

Conducted field visits to:

  • Mock United Nations seminar at Chennai.
  • Mock Parliaments sessions at Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Our Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century students have capped the best awards from these sessions. Students with poor or lesser improvement are specially recognized and taken care of with special attention duly informing the same to their parents.

Here it’s necessary to make a note that student from Orissa, Telangana and Tamil Naidu state who come and joins Rajahmundry campus has expressed their utmost satisfaction regarding the facilities and food.

One track record is still in progress day by day with a good reputation and the enquiring calls we are getting daily are the evidence.


Rajahmundry: Located in a very high ventilated natural environment almost on the banks of the River Godavari, our campus is located in 4 Acres with its architectural expertise being experienced by the parents and enjoyed by the students all the time. In the middle of the paddy fields with the fresh breeze, the campus will cater to the facilities for the best learning experience to the students all the time

The campus is located at Torredu village near Rajahmundry. About 2.5 KM from National Highway and 7 KM from Rajahmundry city bus-stop, 9 KM from Rajahmundry (Madhurapudi) Airport, 12 KM from Rajahmundry Railway Station and 8 KM from Godavari Railway Station.

Hyderabad: KPIAS, Shamshabad campus in Hyderabad is located about 9.1 KM from the Rajiv Gandhi International airport, Hyderabad. It provides Civil Service Integrated coaching with Inter (HEC / MPC / MEC / CEC) and Degree BA (EPP) & B.Sc with M.Sc. Inter + IAS 5years & Degree + IAS 3 years. It is located in a peaceful location far away from the usual traffic and population of the city. The students can have a peaceful mind at our campus and can fully focus on their bright future.

Batch Strength:

Every student is different and every student is important. Keeping in view of this we at Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century IAS Academy are taking the utmost care. That’s why the batch strength has been limited to 100 only in spite of the demand; we are not allowing over and above in order to ensure quality output from every individual student.


Every time we remember our motto, quality education with the overall development of students. Hence we don’t compromise with our infrastructural facilities especially the faculty. We hire faculty concerning their qualification, teaching ability, interactive talents with special reference to their passion for their particular field of teaching.

We proudly present our loyal faculty members with their royal abilities to serve the future generation with their past experience with civil services examinations. Our faculty is well aware that the way of approach is also as important as cracking civils. Almost all the faculty members are past civil aspirants who have attempted interviews thus are torch bearers to the future civil aspirants.

Not only attending classes and sessions the faculties at our campus are always available and ready to attend the doubts of the students.

All the faculty is available to parents for interaction on mobiles.

Study Materials:

  • We prepare our own study materials.
  • Handouts will be given to each student.
  • We emphasize more in running notes prepared by them and the handout will be the supporting factor.
  • Each & every student will be given daily newspaper, Hindu and Magazines, Yojana and Kurukshetra which are basic foundations for the aspirants.
  • Activity hours will be regularly monitored viz. public speaking, debates, extempore, easy writing, etc..

Extra Class Facility:

To the students with less pace with an aim to reduce their stress while learning.

Never be on Brand Name:

Finally, we strongly recommend all the parents that never go on a brand name. It’s the commitment of the institution and dedication of the faculty which ignites the minds of the students to fly with their wings of fire to their bright future. Here we promise all these qualities in Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century IAS Academy. We are committed to bringing out the uncut diamonds shine by them and spread their light of knowledge to the society by making their wish come true as Civil Servants through Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century IAS Academy.

  • Come... Visit... Experience and utilize our service to make your dream come true.

80 ( Seats ) Not Available
80 ( Seats ) 60 ( Seats )
Not Available 100 ( Seats )
BA - EPP(Girls) Not Available 60 ( Seats )
BA - EPP(Boys) Not Available 60 ( Seats )
Duration 3 Years Integrated Course
Eligibility Intermediate
Courses Offered HEP, HPG, HPP
Fees Variable(Coaching + Materials + Test Series)
Available in Hyderabad (Ashok Nagar, KPHB) & Visakhapatnam
Facilities Free Wi-Fi, Mineral Water, Library, Computer Lab
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